You know TerraSol Energies best for our industry standard services in commercial and residential solar power, but those aren’t our only services. We also provide affordable, environmentally friendly options for whiteboard refurbishing, for everyone from school teachers to hospital employees.

Our services here include a 10-year no ghosting warranty, plus a product that responds perfectly well to standard cleaning solvents and antimicrobials. We also encourage our clients to find additional uses for their whiteboards on top of traditional uses – here are a few suggestions off the beaten path for ways to use a whiteboard.


In today’s modern age, combining analog and digital elements is the way to go. Within the workplace, classroom or even at home, mesh the two by taking photos of important whiteboard elements at various times during a meeting or presentation. For note-takers, these can be valuable tools archived in a central location later on. You can turn files into PDFs and circulate them where necessary.


Most dry erase whiteboards are perfectly conducive to magnets, and this is another great way to combine different elements. Supplement presentations or meeting notes with magnetic markers, which can also be used to hold up pieces of paper or loose items. Magnetic binder clips are great, as they allow you to move things around without ever lifting items off the whiteboard itself.


Both in a school or work setting, using a whiteboard partially or fully as a calendar is a great use of the space. This encourages awareness in deadlines and greater accuracy, plus lends an easily available resource for any scheduling concerns. You can create a sidebar section featuring post-it notes for elements of the schedule that change frequently.

Full Walls

If you’re in a setting where a whiteboard will be frequently used for large projects, why not go big? Installing a whiteboard as a full wall within an office or conference room makes it part of the room’s identity, and may even signal to clients that you’re serious and professional. There’s as much room as you need for writing, drawing and any other needed project elements.

Want to learn more about whiteboard refurbishing and options, or about any of our commercial solar power company services? Speak to the experts at TerraSol Energies today.