As a premier solar power company, we at TerraSol are dedicated to providing power to you and your family in safe, affordable and earth-friendly ways. We know all about alternative sources to provide you with energy when you most need it.

High on this list are home generators. Installed using gas or propane, a generator gives you a guaranteed source of power when your initial source is at risk or out. A generator is quick to respond and can power all items in your home. Because they’re located outside and open to some elements, though, a good home generator requires some maintenance. Let’s look at a few of the simplest items on the checklist.

Regular Checks and Records

Our generators are meant to withstand the elements, but it’s still a good idea to check them on a seasonal basis – we recommend spring and fall in most cases, to give you time for any repairs to be done away from the most extreme weather patterns. Corrosion and bits of dirt may find their way into parts of the generator, and leaves or other debris may need to be removed as well.

When you’re checking your generator, make sure you document its condition each time. This will allow you to provide accurate information in the event it ever needs professional service, plus will help you recall important details next time around.

Run it Periodically

Your generator will start automatically if power goes out, but it’s good to run it once every few months just to make sure things are working correctly. You can even do this during your maintenance checks, though a bit more often than this is advisable.

Safe Storage

Store all equipment in a dry, well-ventilated location. During tougher months with lots of moisture, do your best to cover the generator however you can.

Expert Assistance

If there are any additional issues, or even if you just want a professional eye to make sure you’re on the right track, using a reputable service provider like TerraSol is the only way to go. Don’t waste your money on services which aren’t qualified to service your home.

Want to learn more about generators, residential solar power or any of our other services? The experts at TerraSol are standing by.