Commercial solar loans are unique because they are structured to factor in the generative economics of the solar system along with the 30% federal tax credit your business receives when installing solar. When you tack on incentives, bonus depreciation and SREC’s (solar renewable energy credit) value, The economics of financing can become attractive for the right business scenario. Those who leverage commercial solar loans position their business to be cash flow positive in year one of solar installation. Commercial solar loans tend to have low dealer fee, and offer fixed, low interest rates. Most solar loans remove all penalties for paying the loan off early. You can also  re-amortize the loan every six months without penalty.  To gain insights on the economics of installing commercial solar at your facility, consider requesting a free, and custom commercial solar report that includes both a 20-year cashflow analysis that compares financing verses a cash purchase.

The below example is a financed cash flow analysis is for a small-to-medium size business levering a solar loan.


Below is an example from one of our financing partners about why financing can be more attractive to a business than deploying cash.