The demand for sustainable energy solutions will only continue to trend upward as climate change issues have accelerated over the years. Solar power is a prominent renewable energy source that is transforming how residential and commercial properties operate.

TerraSol has incorporated a progressive strategy to building design with two corporate buildings for sustainability-focused owners. The first of a four-building corporate campus that will feature photovoltaic solar power to provide clean energy for Tennant IBC Technologies, USA. Two years prior to the start of construction, TerraSol initiated discussions with the building owner to implement photovoltaic solar power systems into the building’s architecture and engineering designs. The building will have a carbon footprint reduction of 405 tons with 1,416 solar panels and 849,041 kWh in annual solar performance.

TerraSol was able to integrate the photovoltaic solar power systems into the electrical engineering plans during the design and engineering phase, which resulted in substantial cost savings as no rework is required when solar tie-in is ready. The structural engineering of the roof was also completed during the planning phase. This simplified solar panel installation and reduced construction costs and time. These minor modifications to the planning process have resulted in substantial budget and schedule improvements, making sustainable building design more accessible and cost-effective.

Another year later, and now TerraSol has completed phase two of this business park project. The second building features a solar system equal in size to the first. However, this will power the facilities and operations of RevZilla.

In summary, the approach taken by TerraSol to design with solar energy in mind is an excellent illustration of how businesses can take a proactive stance toward sustainable building design. TerraSol’s new construction solar systems demonstrate the advantages of integrating solar energy into the building design from the beginning. By designing buildings with renewable energy sources in mind, we can create a more sustainable future.