We’re pleased to share the news that TerraSol Energies, Inc. has been given a SunPower 2019 “Regional Intelegant” Award. The award specifically recognizes TerraSol’s coastal health facility carport project in Atlantic City, NJ.  

The Regional Intelegant Awards recognize exceptionally well-designed and installed commercial solar projects commissioned in 2019.  

The name “Intelegant” is a combination of “Intelligent” and “Elegant,” which SunPower explains: “defines the award recognizing residential and commercial projects that exemplify the company’s commitment to outstanding system aesthetics, quality, and performance, as well as customer satisfaction (source).”  

Norm Taffe, SunPower executive vice president for North America said, “TerraSol has demonstrated superior craftsmanship with the sleek design and installation of this SunPower system, featuring premium solar panels that are unmatched in performance, reliability and aesthetics.  

“We congratulate TerraSol for their extraordinary delivery of such an elegant commercial solar project and look forward to their continued success as a SunPower dealer in 2020.”    

We’re thrilled to have these attributes recognized in our carport project, of which we’re immensely proud.  

The 470 kW solar system was designed to offset the substantial electric usage of the health facility’s medical equipment. It was also important to make sustainable use of otherwise unusable brownfield surrounding the facility.  

In total, our installation consists of 660 SunPower solar panels in the rear lot and a 396 panel system on the previously unusable rooftop.  

The system has offset electricity usage by 33% — that’s one-third of the power for the whole year! The facility is also down 637 tons of CO2 per year. Check out the full story of the “Coastal Solar Solution” in our case study.   

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