Todd B. from Chester County, PA stands outside his home with his two children, showing of their newly installed TerraSol solar system.

Todd B. from Downingtown, PA was gearing up to buy a second fully electric vehicle for his family. However, he faced a challenge: with two EVs charging each day for his and his wife’s commutes, he’d be looking at an annual electricity consumption increase of about 44% in the coming year.  

Already committed to renewable energy, Todd made it his goal not just to produce 100% of his home electricity usage through a renewable solar energy system, but to ensure the future increase would be covered as well.  

He enlisted TerraSol to plan and implement a solution to reach this ambitious target.  

Roof space was limited, so TerraSol would need to design a system with maximum efficiency in order to provide the necessary power. In addition, the beautiful aesthetic of the home had to be maintained – no one wants their home to look like a solar plant, totally covered in panels.  

To realize Todd’s goal, TerraSol worked out a solution that incorporated SunPower’s most efficient all-black solar module at the time, the X21-350 BLACK. This solar module combines exceptional aesthetic – with its matte, all-black panel face and frame – while also packing a punch of power in a small amount of space.  

The completed system, which fit 40 solar panels on just the rear roof of the house, succeeded in covering the complete offset of Todd’s current and future electric usage. Both EV cars could now be fully charged by the solar system, with more than enough power to spare for AC, electronics, lights, and the rest of the family’s daily needs.  

Todd now lives with the peace of mind that his solar system is not only providing all his electrical needs now, but is future proof, ready to fulfill his family’s needs as they grow.