Summer temps in the Mid-Atlantic states can be extreme, and for those living in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, that means electrical cost increases from May until October.

While it may seem easy to stand in front of the air conditioner all day to keep cool, that can certainly take a toll on your wallet. However, when coupled with these additional heat fighting strategies, homeowners can tackle their cooling woes without breaking the bank.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

Keeping your blinds closed reduces the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. Installing curtains over your blinds provides an additional layer of insulation from the summer heat.

Bring Out the Cotton Sheets

For many, extreme summer heat is the worst at night. By swapping out any non-cotton blankets and sheets with 100% cotton will allow for the material to breathe and better ventilate heat away from your body.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Running your ceiling fan will not only keep air circulating throughout your home, but if you adjust your fan’s direction so the blades are spinning counterclockwise, it will also help move warm air away from ground level.

Keep You and Your Pets’ Bodies Cool

A low-cost and simple trick to keeping you and your pets cool in the blistering summer heat is to fill water bottles and place them in your freezer. Once frozen, wrap the bottles in a breathable cloth and place them near you and your pets.

Reduce Wasteful Electrical Use

Electronics such as laptops, hard drives, and even traditional light bulbs can create a great deal of heat when in use. Powering down unused electronics and replacing traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs can reduce heat as well as save on utility costs.

Taking steps to create a more energy efficient home can save you all year long.

Stay Hydrated

When it’s hot, our bodies fight to keep cool, most notably by sweating. During a heatwave, our bodies are capable of losing large amounts of water in the form of sweat, leaving our systems dehydrated. Creating a steady routine of water consumption will not only naturally cool your body, it will also keep your system replenished to continue fighting the heat.

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