Pocono_RacewayFor the first time in 24 years, the Pocono Raceway hosted the Pocono IndyCar 400.

The 400-mile event is the first open-wheel event held at the 2.5 mile, triangular-shaped track since 1989.

More than 30,000 spectators attended the IZOD IndyCar Series race this past weekend to see the Chip Ganassi Racing  team sweep first, second and third place.

The high attendance was a welcome change for a raceway that has seen its fair shares of ups and downs.

The Pocono Raceway is the world’s largest solar-powered sports facility. The solar panel system is laid out on a 25-acre, three megawatt solar farm. As of this past April, the solar farm had produces 10.2 million kilowatt hours of energy.

The amount of carbon that is offset from the system is equivalent to the emissions of more than 105,000 propane barbecue grills. Like all most PV systems, the panels are designed to last fore more than 25 years without replacement.