Every school building in the nation houses the future of our country every single day. Students, from pre-k to grad school, are the minds that will soon design, build, and operate the United States.  

These young (and some not-so-young) minds are absorbing new information and forming their opinions of the world around them; give them a powerful example by demonstrating the power of solar.  

As of 2019, 5,500 schools across America have committed to and installed solar power, migrating from more traditional coal-dependent sources.  

As if paving the way for future generations to grow up with solar power wasn’t enough, there are many other benefits to moving to solar for your school, including:  

Cost Savings 

The easiest to point to is the measurable and considerable cost savings businesses and schools are seeing after moving to solar power.  

With saving figures well up into the six-figure range, the decision to go solar isn’t only philanthropic; it’s economic.  

Budget cuts are out of your control but being able to create additional budget through major cost-reduction is!  

Learn more about how Mt. Diablo USD in California is expected to save $220 million dollars over 30-years:

“Mt. Diablo USD is one of the largest school districts in California. With more than 56 school sites and programs but facing ongoing financial challenges at the local and state level, Mt. Diablo needed to take proactive steps to trim its operating budget for the long term. The district was able to secure federal Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) financing to help attain this goal. 

Long-term savings for the district is projected to be in the range of $220 million over 30 years. These funds will help the district prevent school closures, maintain robust high school arts programs, and avoid cuts to academic programs.” 
Environmental Impact 

With cost-savings being the economic driving factor, let’s revisit the philanthropic benefits.  

Every day we make a choice. To recycle our water bottle, to use reusable grocery bags, to carpool instead of drive individually to work – each one of those choices is important and valuable.  

Rarely do we have the opportunity to make a decision that creates an immediate and widespread impact, not just for the people around us, but the entire community.  

Committing your school to solar power could quite possibly be the most significant impact you will ever have on our environment. Be proud both as an individual – that you were a part of something larger than yourself – and as your school – you championed an environmental deep breath of fresh air.  

See how Millersville University in Pennsylvania completely reduced their dependency on traditional electric sources and moved 100% to solar power.

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