View from above of the TerraSol solar system installed on the rooftop of Dean F.'s New Castle County home.

Dean F., a homeowner in Wilmington, Delaware, was looking to upgrade his home with a brand-new PV solar system capable of fulfilling all his electrical needs through clean and renewable energy.  

When he began his research, he had already accepted the popular presupposition that going solar would mean a sacrifice for the home’s aesthetics. There would be unattractive conduits, wires, and racking components in plain view. While the beauty of his country club home was important to him, Dean had decided it was well worth it for the good of the environment.  

After coming across TerraSol Energies in his research, however, Dean was pleasantly surprised to discover an entirely different picture of how a solar system could look. TerraSol introduced him to the SunPower Equinox System. 

SunPower is specifically designed to blend in with a roof’s appearance and engineered to hide the conventional solar eye-sores like loose wires and conduits. In Dean’s case, an all-black solar panel would beautifully match his roof’s darker shingles.  

Relieved that the home’s aesthetic could remain intact, Dean proceeded into the planning stages with TerraSol. He was determined to provide an expansive space for TerraSol to work with, unimpeded with vents and other obstructions.  

With the roofer’s help, the bathroom vents were relocated to corners, allowing for a continuous path for the solar panels. The completed solar system would incorporate 3 rows of 10 panels in a rectangular shape. This layout made it easy to walk along the solar system for maintenance or any other rooftop work.  

TerraSol Energies is dedicated to craftsmanship and determines the best plan of action for each installation by putting themselves in the shoes of the homeowner.  

Our team will go the extra mile to hide conduits carrying wires, square up solar panels so that rows and columns match evenly, and tightly bind any wires underneath the array for a clean, discreet look.  

TerraSol’s aim is for neighbors, friends, and family to perceive your solar system simply as panels on the roof, while they represent a well-planned and complex electrical system that is safe and equipped to maximize performance for years to come.