There is little doubt that harnessing the heat from our sun 93 million miles away is going to eventually replace fossil fuels as the energy source that powers the world.

Here is a list of futuristic inventions for solar power that are either on the drawing board or fermenting in some inventor’s mind for solar advancement.

Solar Powered Automobiles

What better dream could come true than to drive a vehicle that never needs a fuel fill-up because it is powered by the sun. The problem holding this development back is the lack of a solar battery small enough to fit the roof of a standard automobile and still be able to  generate enough electricity to power the car safely.

As solar technology moves forward in developing more efficient batteries, solar advancement in automobile designs will take place.

Solar Roads

Roads that are embedded with technology devices that automatically operate driver-less cars have long been talked about but have never been developed. Now an innovative way to use the road surface to generate electricity is being floated for the future.

In essence, the surfaces of existing roads, sidewalks, and parking lots could be re resurfaced with sustainable solar panels.

The system would comprise of three-layered solar panels with a translucent sheet on top to provide tire traction laid over two base electronics layers. The solar roadways generate clean electricity, do away with the need for unsightly telephone poles and act as a heater to eliminated dangerous ice and snow in the winter.

Solar Paint

Solar paint another one of several futuristic inventions that would allow you to turn an outdoor wall or roof that has sun exposure into an electricity-generating surface. .

Current materials used in solar panel construction today are rigid, flat and cumbersome to work with. Paints using inexpensive metal nanoparticles instead of silicon are currently being tested by Canadian scientists. With a spray-on solar paint, sheets of plastic and glass windows could easily be converted into solar cells.

Solar Balloons

Man has used hot-air balloons for centuries to rise above the earth’s surface and view the landscape. The source of the heat has always been flames fueled by some form of gas stored in canisters.

A solar balloon uses the heat of sunlight to replace the gas canisters to carry the balloon skyward.

The balloon itself will be made out of a dark-material that absorbs solar radiation and creates the heat to keep balloon aloft. Although some of these balloons have already been developed and flown for fun, two projects are under way for the future use of solar balloons to generate electricity and to be used in space travel to eventually survey far-away planets.

Robots to Install Solar Panels

One reason for the relatively high cost of solar panels is the extensive manpower required to install them.

The use of robotic solar technology to replace humans to install massive amounts of solar panels required for solar power farms is already in the planning stages. Robots are perfect for doing repetitive tasks that require a high level of precision. Other time-consuming tasks like washing the solar panel surfaces are also planned for robots.