What’s better than going solar? Getting your friends to go solar with you.

Homeowners Jason, Brad, Mary, Jim, Karen, and Nicole all have (at least) two things in common: they all live in the same Brandywine neighborhood and have gone solar with TerraSol Energies, Inc.

It’s a win-win when you consider going solar together, with benefits for you, your neighbors, and the planet. Neighbors that go solar together save in a few ways: first and foremost, TerraSol offers group discounts to those considering making the decision together.

That means everyone gets to enjoy reduced “bulk” pricing. And you’ll all feel great about receiving a great deal. Plus, you’ll all be taking steps toward living off sustainable energy that supports the environment and drastically reduces your monthly utility costs.

There’s confidence in numbers, and by talking with your community about the benefits of solar – you can make a big impact. When homeowners in your neighborhood see you make the switch, they’ll gain firsthand experience of what the solar energy process looks like. And hopefully, realize they can cut carbon emissions and improve their bottom line, too.

Once the path to renewable energy’s paved, it’s all that much easier for those around you to make the leap. And if you’re on the fence, don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor about their experience with TerraSol Energies.

We pride ourselves in fostering long-lasting personal relationships with each of our clients, and we regularly hear that sentiment echoed in our customer reviews. Of course, there’s only so much you can learn from a few paragraphs online.

Hearing from a close neighbor, family member, or even colleague about their experience can give you the time and space to ask questions and gain the confidence needed to rest assured that you’re in good hands.

And once you’re ready to make the decision, TerraSol Energies has a very lucrative referral program. We encourage our customers to speak to their friends, families, and colleagues about going solar. It’s more important than ever that our society begin moving towards sustainable technologies.

Plus, alongside the environmental benefits, we reward homeowners who advocate for TerraSol Energies. If you want to learn more, ask about our customer referral program.

Support your community, save money, save the planet. What’s stopping you?