Check out our portfolio of commercial solar projects, including installations on retail, educational, and industrial buildings.

As an award-winning installer, TerraSol Energies develops renewable energy solutions from initial design concept all the way to final construction. A family-owned and -operated business puts energy into yours, standing by with customer care throughout the life of the system.

Our portfolio of PV solar and battery installations extends throughout the tri-state area including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. It includes small to mid-size applications of under a hundred solar panels up to thousand-panel industrial rooftops. Our solar energy systems can be designed into new construction, carport structures, as well as multi-building campus installations.

Besides bringing clean energy to facilities, the well-crafted, high-quality photovoltaic (PV) solar solutions bring a smart aesthetic that complements various architectural styles.

TerraSol is experienced in working with clients of a wide range of goals and objectives. TerraSol can help your company craft the perfect message to your partners, clients, and communities to maximize the impact of your solar power project.

Millersville University had the goal to build Pennsylvania’s first net-zero building. Phoenix Contact and Vineland Veteran’s Association Clinic sought LEED green building certification on new construction. With the incorporation of an iron-flow battery system, Sycamore International created its own microgrid and remains operational even when local utility power fails.

If your organization has similar goals, or simply looks to gain from the long-term, low risk investment returns that solar power provides, look no further than TerraSol to provide a successful implementation and a long lifetime of ownership.