West Chester, PA

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Robert and TerraSol were fantastic to work with. I researched solar for months and spoke to 5 other companies. They all came in with high pressure tactics and deceptive pricing or just straight out outrageous prices. The quotes ranged from $35-$75K for the same size system.
TerraSol was my last call. I spoke with Robert, he asked some questions about what my goals were with Solar and gathered some info about my current usage and then followed up with a quote. There was no high pressure sales pitch and the quote was lower than any of the others. The panels they use are some of the, if not the, most efficient panels, and have the best end of life efficiency. So we got the best system for the lowest cost.

As for the install, they kept me informed every step of the way and got the panels installed a little ahead of schedule. The longest delays were caused by the PECO approval process and the township inspection and permitting which was out of TerraSol’s control. The panels they installed were actually a little higher output than what was quoted because they were what was available at the time. I have no doubts any of the other companies would have either up-charged or delayed the install but TerraSol honored the price.

After the install Robert followed up to make sure I was happy with everything and if I had any questions. Overall I would definitely recommend TerraSol to friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else looking to go solar.