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How a Home Solar Power System Can Help You Save on Owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) in Chester County, PA

A Homeowner from Oxford, PA loved owning his electric vehicle (EV). However, finding convenient and free options to charge his car was becoming a problem. 

Charging at home using PECO’s power grid, his utility bills quickly became higher than ever. With limited electric chargers at his workplace and few charging options on his commute, something needed to change. 

After researching, he decided the best solution would be to install his own solar power system. His decision to pair his EV with home solar panels represents the significant shift in how Americans power their lives while caring for the planet. In 2020 alone, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, solar made record growths with a 43% national increase in use.  

Together, EVs and solar energy technologies capture the imagination of homeowners interested in independence, sustainability, and self-reliance. Plus, choosing home solar makes owning an EV even more convenient, efficient, and less expensive.  

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