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I was having a surprising amount of trouble finding a solar installer who would actually sit down and look at putting solar on our slightly unusual roof. When I first talked to Rob at TerraSol I immediately got a different vibe and was pretty much sold on getting a system from them. TerraSol has real, honest people that you’ll work with. They handle the entire process for you from designing the system, creating a proposal, handling all the permitting, the utility interconnection stuff, grants, tax credits, RECs, install, inspection, etc. I should mention that the cost was much better than I was expecting. A good payback wasn’t our primary goal but it actually turned out to be a pretty decent investment too. Others in my family have also had solar installed by TerraSol with the same experience so I can say ours was no fluke.

If you’re looking to add solar to your house I strongly recommend getting in touch with TerraSol. You can at least see what they have to offer yourself.

A bit more details for the curious: We installed a relatively small system on a flat roof (which most installers wouldn’t touch). It’s a SunPower system with microinverters. It’s been a great system so far; really my only tiny complaint is that their app is just ho-hum. The warranties on the system are insane; it covers the entire system and ensures it performs almost like new all the way out to like 25 years which is beyond the payback period multiple times over. We saw generation that was within 1% of the maximum system rating literally on day one. We couldn’t be happier with the system.