In 2022, TerraSol Energies Inc, a leading solar energy company based in Chadds Ford, PA, undertook an extraordinary project for a client seeking complete energy independence. By installing a 27kW solar power system coupled with 163kWh of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, the client’s home was transformed into an off-grid powerhouse. This blog post highlights the key components of the installation and the client’s satisfaction with the system’s performance.

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy

At the heart of this groundbreaking project were the solar panels, strategically placed on the client’s roof and two MTSolar pole mounted arrays. With a combined capacity of 27kW, these high-efficiency panels captured the sun’s energy, converting it into usable electricity. The pole-mounted arrays were particularly innovative, allowing the homeowner to optimize the tilt angle throughout the year for maximum efficiency.

Powering the Present and Future To ensure uninterrupted power supply, TerraSol integrated two Sol-Ark 15k bi-directional inverters into the system. These inverters efficiently converted the solar energy into usable electricity, seamlessly switching between the grid and the batteries as needed. Additionally, a 20kW propane generator was installed to provide supplementary power during winter months when daylight is shorter, and weather conditions may be less favorable.

Embracing Energy Independence

The homeowner’s decision to go off-grid had numerous advantages. Notably, the system allowed them to liberate themselves from reliance on the utility company, providing them with self-sufficiency and resilience. With the combined capacity of the solar panels and batteries, the homeowner had high confidence that their energy needs would be met throughout the year, reducing both their carbon footprint and electricity costs.

Cleaner Power, Reduced EMI Noise

A remarkable benefit of this solar installation was the production of cleaner power with minimal electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise. Unlike power supplied by the utility company, which can suffer from electrical interference, the solar-powered system delivered a more stable and cleaner electrical signal. This ensured the homeowner enjoyed a higher quality of power, reducing the risk of electrical disruptions and damage to sensitive electronics.

Client Satisfaction and Future Prospects

Since the system’s completion in November 2022, the homeowner has expressed immense satisfaction with its performance. The seamless transition between solar power, battery storage, and occasional generator use during winter months has surpassed their expectations. TerraSol Energies takes immense pride in successfully executing this complex project and looks forward to undertaking more similar ventures in the future.


TerraSol Energies’ 2022 project, which enabled a homeowner to go completely off-grid, stands as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of solar power coupled with battery storage. With the installation of 27kW solar panels, 163kWh of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, Sol-Ark 15k bi-directional inverters, and a propane generator, the homeowner now enjoys energy independence and cleaner power. TerraSol’s commitment to innovative solutions continues to shape a greener and more sustainable future. Contact us today to get started on your solar prject.