Let’s face it, everything about the holidays encourages spending as well as giving. Spending money on food, gifts, shopping, decorations and travel can really add up. One extra expense that is often overlooked is your energy bill.

Having extra family members over for the holidays and powering Christmas lights during the weeks of the holiday season can inflate electricity and gas bills. Here are some quick tips to reduce your holiday energy costs:

Use LED Lights

LED lights last longer and consume 70% less energy than the conventional light bulbs found on Christmas light strands. In addition to being more energy efficient, LED lights are also sturdier and more resistant to breakage. Who knew such a simple change could be so beneficial in lowering holiday energy costs?

Use a Light Timer

You don’t have to keep your Christmas lights running all day and all night to partake in the holiday spirit. Use a light timer to strategically turn your lights on and off during certain times. This will allow you to control your costs.

Other Tips to Lower Your Energy Costs During the Holidays

  • Use Power Strips – Keeping all of your holiday decorations plugged in all day and night will continue to draw small amounts of electricity from your home even if your decorations aren’t actually on. Plug all of your decorations into a power strip to easily turn that electric source on and off, thus lowering your holiday energy costs.
  • Prepare your windows for winter by installing storm windows. Storm windows can yield tremendous energy savings over the years. They can cut loss of heat through the windows by 25% to 50%.
  • Use Energy Star-rated rechargeable batteries and electronics. Consider using rechargeable batteries for your electronics and presents. Also, buy loved ones Energy Star electronics whenever you can. Purchasing an Energy Star computer can save an additional 30% to 65% more energy than a regular computer.
  • Check out this electricity calculator for Christmas lights to estimate your electricity costs for the holiday season.
  • Empty your car every time you make a trip during the holidays – More than likely, you’re driving way more frequently during the holidays, which can mean additional fuel costs. Make sure to completely empty your car every time you make a trip. An extra 100 pounds of presents could cost you nearly 10 cents a gallon in gas.
  • Cut the holiday season short this year and display decorations a few days or a week less than you have in the past.


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