Retrofitting existing businesses with solar power solutions has become a game-changing strategy in the quest for environmentally conscious practices. By harnessing the untapped potential of solar energy, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from long-term cost savings.

TerraSol has equipped Elite Acura with PV solar power systems, allowing the dealership facilities to move toward renewable energy solutions as Acura integrates EV and hybrid technology into its vehicles. With the increasing number of electric vehicles in Elite Acura’s lineup, the dealership can now conveniently charge its cars using clean and renewable energy generated directly from rooftop solar installations. This project was completed in conjunction with Group 1 Automotive’s North American initiative to equip dealerships across the continent with solar power systems.

In addition, customers waiting in the showroom to test drive their cars can also benefit from the cooling shade provided by innovative solar carports. The customers’ current cars will stay cool while contemplating their next auto purchase.

The TerraSol installation at Elite Acura will produce 364,100 kWh annually, offsetting its carbon footprint by an astonishing 284 tons. By embracing solar power solutions, Elite Acura will see significant long-term cost savings and establish itself as a pioneering leader within the auto dealer community, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.