At TerraSol Energies, it’s our goal to not only provide you with the highest quality home and commercial solar power, but to help you maximize it. You want the best possible solar solutions, but you also want the ability to take full advantage of them.

Like any good solar power company, we’re here to help. Here are a few areas you can look at to maximize the life and usage of you solar power.


Solar panels need to be placed in a location where they receive maximum sun exposure, something our technicians will help you with during installation. They should be tipped at an angle toward the sun.

If you’re emotionally connected to certain areas of your property, determine your willingness to relent here in advance – there might be times where optimal placement involves covering one such area. Try to remember that while these additions change the appearance of the home, they’re also beneficial to both you and the environment.

Wattage Needs

Before you even order your panels, it’s vital to determine your wattage needs. Calculate based on energy needs during the months with the highest demands, and consider things like winter sunshine levels – most homes use the most energy during the winter, but sun exposure is also often lower during these months


To save energy, keep doors and windows well insulated. Windows should be double paneled. Try to limit doors opening and closing during cold winter months to keep heat inside. With the right basic planning and smarts, energy costs can dip incredibly low with solar power.

Energy Safe Devices

Everything from refrigerators to light bulbs need energy, but making sure all such appliances are energy efficient goes a long way. Newer appliances are generally the way to go if you’re making a change – they might seem expensive now, but they pay for themselves many times over if you use them well. Remember to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and generally look to turn things off when they aren’t in use.


Making sure panels are well maintained might be the most important factor in maximizing solar power. Solar panels require very little maintenance, with no moving parts or items to replace. Make sure the panels are clean, and clear snow or any other natural debris from them as appropriate. Trim trees if they’re nearby and threatening sun exposure.

Want to learn more about how to maximize your solar power, or any of our commercial or home solar power solutions? Contact the experts at TerraSol Energies today.