I800px-Blue_Mountainn a little over a year, Lurgan Township may be the best place to catch some rays.

No, there’s not a new manmade beach, but the township is scheduled to receive a new solar farm covering more than 100 acres near the Blue Mountain Interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

While it will take time to get started on the project, at 14-megawatts, it would become one of the largest solar farms in PA. The state currently has a 6-megawatt farm near Lancaster and an 11.5 megawatt project in Carbon County is in the works.

The PV panels from this newest project would produce enough electricity to power 2,000 to 2,500 homes.

The solar farm has a lifespan of more than 20 years, after which the land could return to farming. Posts for the solar panels are to be planted without concrete.

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