The cost-saving and environmental benefits of choosing to switch from traditional electricity sources to solar are well-known. Many business owners’ attention is first grabbed by those staggering and impressive six-digit decrease in annual energy costs, but did you know that there are even more, and not so-commonly discussed benefits to going solar with your business?  

Target, HP, and Apple have all begun to rapidly move toward the reduction of their carbon footprints. Yes, the cost-savings for the enterprise companies are, indeed, staggering, but like these companies, small businesses are finding an increase in their brand awareness and equity – because they chose solar.  

Here’s what we think is happening:            

Environmentalism Sells 

Environmentalism sells, and for good reason. According to Pew, 75% of Americans say they are particularly concerned about helping the environment as they go about their daily lives.  

This research suggests two things:  

  • Consumers care about the health of the environment and  
  • They are concerned with it during their daily lives 

For businesses, this means that your consumers are sharing something that is on their minds, a lot. A company who commits to being environmentally responsible will be noticed by the same 75% of the population in the research study. Being noticed = brand awareness.  

But, how do you take advantage of it?  

Speak About It – In Everything  

If environmental responsibility is an important part of your company’s culture, then talk about it. Talk about it internally with your employees – tell them about the passion and direction your company is heading in. Give them ownership in making the decisions that lead to a better and healthier environment.  

If you’ve chosen to go solar, celebrate it! The moments of celebration, while a good excuse for Pam to make her famous pound cake, is really about education. As you’re leading the way in choosing solar, you’re showing your employees that you’re willing to invest in what you believe in.  

This will in-turn lead to out-of-the-office conversations with their friends, family, and neighbors – when solar is mentioned, so will you.  

Become a Local Advocate  

As the commercial solar adoption rate is still climbing, you have the opportunity to take a public stance in your local community and speak about your decision and the benefits, to your company and your neighborhoods.  

Other companies and consumers want (and need) to see what solar looks like real-life. Real companies – like Target, are investing in solar. It’s not the future, it’s the right now.  

Being an early-adopter of an eco-friendly initiative gives you a platform to talk directly to your audience about what you do and why – creating a lucrative competitive advantage.   

Update Brand Messaging 

Now, you may not be able to and nor should you just add in ‘solar’ to every tagline, brand message, or marketing asset you have. But, the transition to solar power could be the perfect time for your company leadership to assess the brand message you currently have in the market.  

Are you showcasing your passion for your customer in your message or are you too focused on you and what you do?  

Do you create excitement in your messaging or are people skimming over your materials?  

Using this very measurable and obvious change in your business operation to re-evaluate where your messaging is and challenge your leaders to adopt a consumer-focused, eco-friendly approach. 

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