Homeowners Miriam and Tom R. in Bear, DE capitalize on a solar grant to help fund their ambitions for PV solar power.  

Miriam and Tom wanted to do their part in reducing the carbon footprint of their home. They researched and considered various methods of accomplishing this goal, including switching over to LED lighting. It soon became clear that solar was the way to go if they wanted to become 100% carbon neutral.  

After speaking with TerraSol about their goals for the project, TerraSol set to work designing a rooftop system on the southern facing rooflines of their home.  

This also happened to be the front of their house, so TerraSol took careful consideration with the aesthetic, making sure to keep the panels neat and consistent across 3 different roofs. 

Now that they had the perfect solar system design, Miriam and Tom were further thrilled by the opportunity to save significantly on the initial costs.  

Delmarva customers in Delaware are eligible to apply for the Energize Delaware Green Grant. When combined with the Federal level tax credit, new solar buyers in Delaware can receive 50% of their initial investment back within the first year of operation.  

This grant gives lower-income homeowners the ability to reduce the total cost of a system, thus making solar more affordable for anyone interested in doing their part.  

Since the program’s inception, the Green Energy Fund has supported the installation of over 4,764 solar energy systems (as of 2020).  

These programs, combined with the recurrent savings from the reduction of monthly electricity bills, make the decision to go solar in Delaware a huge financial win.