Name: Rob Santoleri
Title: General Manager
Employment: 2 years

Key Responsibilities:
• Commercial and Residential Sales
• Customer Relationship Management
• Business Development
• Marketing Strategy
• Finance and Accounting

• Robert loves to see a project come full-circle. With all the work going into solar panel installation, he marvels at the whirr of devices working in sync when he flips that little switch. His hard work comes to life, and like an artist, he watches in wonder.

• One of Robert’s favorite actions is revisiting customers one year after their solar system installations. Again, he marvels at the changes made to their lives since their last encounter–so much so, they barely talk solar! Their families are growing, they’re scoring new jobs, building additions, living their lives. Robert is impassioned by their stories and the homeowners whose lives are transformed by the unexpected power of the sun. To Robert, that’s the beauty of solar… working magic and making time for those little things in life.

• Robert is also passionate about discussing the changes solar has made to the lives of our veteran customers. These people know how much energy their solar has produced, how much their utility bill went down, how much rain we got in May, and how it affected their monthly production. They are very in touch with the many ways that solar is sustaining them for years to come, and they grasp the importance of moving to renewable energy. Robert loves when our customers can see the bigger picture of the impact that solar can have on changing our lives and improving our future.


Photography – Robert captures everything with his GoPro. From work to play, that little device goes absolutely everywhere with him. It encourages him to be more active and to push his own boundaries in the things that he does. Capturing life’s moments has helped him carve a new perspective, which he brings to work each day!

Painting – Robert also loves to spend his spare time painting. He studies the nature, landscapes, and city skylines from the places he’s been, giving the work a piece of his original style. He particularly enjoys incorporating Philadelphia styles, mindsets, people, places, and things into his works of art.

Outdoor Sports – Robert has a romance with all things outdoors. His vacations are centered around activities as much as the destination.  He could do without the lazy beaches, just give him a mountain or lake and he is occupied for days! Robert loves adventure, loves to explore. He particularly loves to snowboard, skii, go hiking, mountain biking, longboarding, wakeboarding, and boating.

City Slick: Robert also enjoys living in and exploring Philadelphia. He has been a Philly resident for 4 years, yet he still finds time to learn more and more about the city every day. He loves checking out new parts of the city, up and coming restaurants, and trying new beer at Philly’s outdoor beer gardens. He has truly become a local and loves participating in city activities like the night market, first Fridays, and local festivals.