If you’re considering changing your home’s energy source, there’s never been a better time to look into home solar power. Prices of solar panels have dropped significantly since 2011, and the potential for major savings has never been higher.

At TerraSol Energies, Inc., we’ve been a premier solar power company servicing the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware) for since 2009, and our team of specialists sets the industry standard. How might adding residential solar panels to your home benefit you – both in your pocketbook and elsewhere?

Energy Cost

The most straightforward reason to switch to solar power is the cost savings. Electricity is one of the most expensive home bills the average resident pays every year, and lowering or eliminating these costs is a very attractive option.

Savings will vary by state and specific energy usage, but over the life of solar panels (typically at least 20-25 years), most people save a minimum of $10,000 in energy costs, and often far more. Unlike typical energy bills, solar bills remain consistent throughout the year, which helps with financial planning as well.

Environmental Benefits

Energy savings benefit your wallet, of course, but they also benefits the environment as a whole. Less need for costly forms of energy allows more sustainable forms to come to the forefront, and this is a snowball that will continue to grow as these solutions become more and more affordable.

Home Value Increase

Investing in solar panels is nearly a guarantee to increase your home’s value. It’s just one state, but homes with solar panels in California, for instance, appreciate in value at a 10 percent faster rate than homes without them. A recent report indicated that solar energy systems owned by the homeowner added an average of roughly $15,000 to a home’s resale value.

Tax Incentives

This will be different from state to state, but the government offers several incentives tied to solar energy. You can potentially get federal or state tax credits, and rebate programs are also available in many cases.

Want to learn more? At TerraSol Energies, Inc., our experts are here to answer any and all questions about the ways you’ll benefit from residential solar panels.