Tim B., a homeowner in Glen Mills, PA, was in the market for replacing his roof. He elected to switch from an asphalt shingle roof type to a much more durable, longer-lasting material: metal standing seam.  

A new metal rooftop has an impressive life expectancy (approx. 40—70 years!) and for Tim, this presented a prime opportunity for long-term benefits that would go beyond reliable shelter. Specifically, it would be an excellent chance to incorporate a PV solar system for his home.  

When considering a home solar system, it is a good rule of thumb to consider the current age of the roof. If the roof hasn’t been replaced in decades or is nearing the end of its life cycle, it is beneficial to replace the roof prior to solar installation, so that both warranties are good for 25 years and beyond. 

Tim approached TerraSol with the goal of incorporating a solar system that would offset as much of his existing power usage as possible, without damaging or voiding the warranty of the roof.  

Bearing that goal in mind, TerraSol came up with a plan to utilize 3 south-facing roof spaces to fit a total of seventy-seven (77) solar modules on the house. To address the challenge of leaving the new metal roof undamaged, they developed a mounting solution that would utilize metal seam clamps to secure the PV solar panels rather than requiring penetrations.  

The innovative mounting system carries several additional benefits. Not only is it perfect for a metal roof, but eliminating penetrations means no risk of a potential roof leak for the life of the system. Plus, this mounting method was designed to meet local and state wind and snow loading requirements, so Tim does not have to worry about the system getting damaged in extreme weather situations.  

With this system, Tim could be sure that once the new metal roof and his PV solar system were installed, he would never have to take off or replace any of the equipment on the roof due to water damage.  

Tim’s solar system is now safely secured to his brand-new metal roof. TerraSol’s sleek, all-black panels perfectly match the aesthetic of the black metal roof for a seamless appearance. Best of all, he is confident in the knowledge that both the roof and the system will continue to serve him dependably for many years to come.