You may have noticed them when you’re out running errands or perhaps at your local market; green, energy efficient buildings. Green buildings are the wave of the future, and they’re popping up all around us.

More and more businesses are looking at energy efficient building practices; not only for the innovative ways in which these buildings save money, but also because of societal shifts that demand green features and attractive earth-friendly materials and functionality.

What Makes A Building “Green?”

While there’s no mold for what it means to be a green building, ultimately, the building must accomplish certain objectives that can show a reduced impact on the environment. For instance, installing solar panels to a building allows for it to make use of renewable sunlight for energy, while reducing the need for fossil fuels, and installing infrastructure that could impact the surrounding environment.

Other examples of innovative techniques include low-water use restrooms and facilities, vegetated roofs, motion-activated lights, and geothermal heating systems, to name a few.

Energy Efficiency Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Model

While it may seem like simply reducing power usage, or implementing a recycling program would make a facility green or energy efficient by definition, what really garners the distinction is when a company or business owner acknowledges the ways that they may be negatively impacting the environment, and makes meaningful changes in order to reduce or offset those negative impacts.

Grocery stores, which tend to be some of the least energy efficient buildings, could reduce their energy usage by adding solar panels on the large, unused, flat roof surfaces of their buildings, and integrating motion-activated lighting in the frozen and refrigerated food sections.

Advantages to Building Energy an Efficient Facility

The Institute for Business and Economic Research at U.C. Berkeley explored the effect that sustainability improvements in buildings have on the economy. In the report, the research team determined that there are numerous benefits to creating energy efficient buildings, including:

  • Attracting employees, tenants, and customers
  • Qualifying for tax breaks, rebates, and credits
  • Saving on utility costs
  • Reducing the impact on the environment

While it may not always be apparent where a company can become more energy efficient, the important first step is to look for help from a qualified energy expert.

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