Lower your operating expenses and raise the roof.

TerraSol Energies, Inc. helps our customers reduce their energy expenses by making solar a part of their broader company vision of people, profit, and planet. Our goal is to maximize customer savings that can be reinvested into differentiating and growing your core business.

Colleges, universities, high schools, and elementary schools alike are being recognized for their leadership and responsible practices – and being rewarded with dramatic savings on their electricity bills. TerraSol Energies, offers learning opportunities to empower students with expanded project-based learning, internships, and career placement in the solar industry. Through the SunPower Horizons™ Program, STEM initiatives are expanded to include solar technologies and other renewable energies.

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Do you own or operate an auto dealership? If yes, you’re a prime candidate to reap the benefits of solar power. Increasing your sales volume and efficiency is hardly the only way to make your auto dealership profitable. Solar power can help to reduce or eliminate your third largest business expenditure, while also increasing your marketability compared to their peers.

Rising energy costs are a reality that every organization must face. Leading organizations around the world are taking advantage of an energy strategy that includes solar energy systems and will significantly reduce operational costs.

Experience matters. That’s why we partner with the best. Fortune 100 companies choose SunPower, with more than 30 years of proven experience, 500 patents on solar technology, and world-class installers to provide an outstanding services for years to come.

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Every business has a story, let’s make yours a great one. Companies big and small around the country are making the switch to solar. Solar gives small businesses the opportunity to drive down their operational costs which can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line. Extending beyond the financial benefits, solar energy empowers your company culture around sustainability and can be an effective tool for growing your business.

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The costs associated with solar systems have dropped over 70% in the past 3 years. Solar projects that are unable to utilize tax credits and other federal or state level incentives continue to realize compelling milestones contributing to a fast payback, phenomenal returns, and reliable system operation for years to come. This is made possible through TerraSol Energies’ commitment to outstanding products and services, and creative methods to achieve ownership for special case interested parties.

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Amigos de Jesús is a home and family in which over 120 children have a unique sense of belonging to a supportive community. Amigos de Jesús places orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment with a shepherding godparent to love and care for them, a school to educate them, and a community to socially and spiritually guide them.
We offer better solar energy solutions to all types of farmers and agriculture businesses. Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary year after year. Solar energy can provide dramatic offset of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability. Let the sun lower your companies’ risk exposure with a solar energy system.

Solar energy fits right in with your companies’ value stream; from water conservation, to soil fertility preservation, to habitat protection, solar energy completes your sustainability image.

Solar means business.

With many of our commercial solar energy systems earning homerun returns, investing in sustainability makes economical sense.

Projects earn payback in less than 5 years.

Solar projects couple low risk investment with annual returns exceeding 10%.

Reduce your carbon footprint by 80%.

Our Products.

SunPower Helix Rooftop®
The world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar platform. Get the most out of your rooftop with solar panels that produce 60% more power over the first 25 years.    
SunPower Helix Carport®
Add versatility to your investment with a solar canopy. Showcase your commitment to sustainability, provide relief from the weather, and trust in the #1 solar panel in independent durability tests.    
Solar Field
You have the land, we have the power. Write your own destiny with the freedom to gain the most out of your solar system. Solar fields present optimal conditions and characteristics for your system to perform at the highest efficiency possible.

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TerraSol Energies is a certified SunPower commercial dealer, meaning we are trained to the highest standards to provide quality solar systems to businesses throughout PA, DE, and NJ.

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Removal of a Bad Panel

Helix™ SmartEnergy: Yes
Conventional Solar: No


Helix™ SmartEnergy: Yes
Conventional Solar: No

New Panel Installation

Helix™ SmartEnergy: Yes
Conventional Solar: No

Product Warranty Terms

Helix™ SmartEnergy: 25 Years
Conventional Solar: 10 Years