Middlesex Water Company


A Shining Success: TerraSol Energies Inc. Powers Middlesex Water Company’s Solar Transformation

Middlesex Water Company in Middlesex, New Jersey, embarked on a remarkable journey to not only modernize its water treatment facility but also ensure a sustainable and efficient energy source for its operations. With the help of TerraSol Energies Inc., the company achieved a seamless transition from a decade-old ground-mounted solar system to a state-of-the-art solar installation. This ambitious project highlights the many advantages of partnering with TerraSol Energies, from innovative design solutions to exceptional project execution.

Project Specifications

  • Solar Panels: 408 SunPower X22 – 360W Panels

  • Peak Panel Capacity: 133.4 kWDC

  • Estimate First-Year Production: 166,750 kWh

Project Background and Accomplishments:

a. New Building Challenge: Middlesex Water Company was faced with a unique challenge.
They needed to construct a new water treatment facility, and the only available location
happened to be where a legacy ground-mounted solar system had been operating for a decade. To
make this project a reality, TerraSol had to come up with an innovative solution.

b. Ingenious Integration: TerraSol took on the responsibility of designing a new solar system
that would not only replace the previous ground-mounted installation but also integrate
seamlessly with the new building. The project’s new construction nature provided an opportunity
for TerraSol to collaborate with the architectural and construction teams, resulting in substantial
cost savings. This approach eliminated the need for costly retrofits of the electrical infrastructure
to accommodate the solar system on an existing building.

c. Streamlined Design: By working in harmony with the new construction plans, TerraSol was
able to engineer and design an ideal solar system that simplified the client’s power and
interconnection needs. The result was a solar energy solution that efficiently met Middlesex
Water Company’s requirements.

d. Dual Tilt Ballasted Roof Mounting System: To maximize energy density and accommodate
the non-ideal building orientation, TerraSol opted for a dual tilt ballasted flat roof mounting
system. This choice not only increased the system’s energy output but also reduced the need for
extensive ballast. The streamlined profile of the dual tilt system meant a lighter total weight on
the roof, reducing potential structural concerns.

e. Seamless Transition: TerraSol went above and beyond by decommissioning the part of the
legacy system located where the new building was to be constructed. Once the construction was
completed, they smoothly re-energized the remaining portion of the legacy system in tandem with the new PV system. This careful planning and execution ensured a seamless transition and uninterrupted energy supply.

f. Sustainable Donation: In a remarkable act of sustainability and social responsibility, TerraSol
took the decommissioned solar panels and sent them to Myanmar, where they found a new life in
a Christian children’s orphanage and grade school. These panels, although no longer suitable for
this project, still had a significant amount of useful life left, making this donation a much better
option than recycling.

g. Client Satisfaction: Throughout the project, Middlesex Water Company experienced
TerraSol’s exceptional technical expertise and the highest quality of installation. The outcome
left the client highly satisfied with the results and the overall project experience.

The TerraSol Advantage:

The success of the Middlesex Water Company project underscores the many advantages of
working with TerraSol Energies Inc. TerraSol is more than a solar installation company; it’s a
partner committed to finding innovative solutions and delivering high-quality results. The
benefits of choosing TerraSol include:

      • Innovative Design: TerraSol excels in creating solar solutions tailored to your specific needs, regardless of the challenges presented by the project.
      • Cost Savings: TerraSol’s ability to integrate seamlessly with new construction projects saves clients substantial costs that would otherwise be spent on retrofitting existing infrastructure.
      • Energy Efficiency: TerraSol’s expertise in system design ensures maximum energy output and efficiency.
      • Seamless Transition: TerraSol’s project execution expertise ensures a smooth transition from old to new systems without operational disruptions.
      • Sustainability: TerraSol prioritizes sustainability, as demonstrated by their donation of decommissioned panels to a charitable cause.
      • Client Satisfaction: TerraSol’s commitment to quality and technical excellence guarantees client satisfaction and project success.

    In conclusion, TerraSol Energies Inc. has demonstrated its ability to turn challenges into
    opportunities and deliver exceptional results in the commercial solar industry. The Middlesex
    Water Company project is a shining example of TerraSol’s dedication to innovation, efficiency,
    and sustainability. For your next solar project, consider TerraSol Energies Inc. and experience the
    advantages of working with a company that goes above and beyond to make your vision a