Civic Works


Project Snapshot

  • Number of Solar Panels: 1,402

  • Total System Size: 100 kW

  • Annual Solar Performance: 119,211 kWh

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: 95 Tons of CO2

  • Battery Size: 296,000 kWh

Civic Works Installs Resiliency Hub

Project Description:

Civic Works is dedicated to empowering Baltimore’s communities through education, skills development, and community service, seeking to enhance its disaster preparedness through participation in the program.

Baltimore’s Community Resiliency Hub Program is a forward-thinking initiative aimed at bolstering community resilience in the face of natural hazards and emergencies. In collaboration with the Office of Sustainability, Office of Emergency Management, and Department of Health, the program strategically aligns servicebased community organizations with vital support and resources. The ultimate objective is to fortify under-resourced neighborhoods and safeguard vulnerable residents during crises.

TerraSol Energies contributed to this mission by installing a 100kW solar carport and integrating a robust 296,000kWh battery system. This sustainable infrastructure not only reduces daily reliance on utility power but also establishes a microgrid during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply to the resiliency hub. TerraSol’s innovative design not only promotes everyday energy efficiency but also positions Civic Works at the forefront of Baltimore’s Disaster Preparedness Plan, embodying a resilient and sustainable future for the community.