Boardwalk Honda


Project Snapshot

  • Number of Solar Panels: 208

  • Total System Size: 68.6 kWDC

  • 85,750 kWh/yr

TerraSol Energies’ Renewable Energy Project for Boardwalk Honda

Project Description:

Terrasol Energies successfully implemented a cutting-edge renewable energy project for Boardwalk Honda, a prominent member of the Group 1 Auto Group, in New Jersey. The project comprises 208 solar panels with a system size of 68.6 kWDC, generating an impressive 85,750 kWh per year.

This sustainable energy solution not only significantly reduces operational costs but also underscores Boardwalk Honda’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The solar installation offsets over 60 tons of CO2 emissions annually, contributing to a cleaner and more eco-friendly operation.

The flat rooftop design, with no penetrations to the roof, ensures structural integrity and minimizes potential maintenance concerns. One unique feature of the project is a live production data display in the lobby, allowing customers to witness the real-time electricity savings and reduction in greenhouse gases. This interactive element has garnered enthusiastic feedback and engagement from customers, enhancing the dealership’s environmental image.

The results have been nothing short of exceptional, with Boardwalk Honda positioned for reduced utility bills over the next 25 years thanks to their state-of-the-art solar energy project. Customer interest in the system has been strong, with visitors drawn to the production kiosk and providing excellent feedback, highlighting the project’s success in both cost savings and environmental stewardship. TerraSol Energies is proud to have partnered with Boardwalk Honda in achieving their sustainability goals and contributing to a greener future for the automotive industry.