Local solar companies disappear, but TerraSol is in it for the long haul

While solar power continues to grow, it is important to remember, just like solar modules, not all solar companies are created equal. TerraSol Energies prides itself on being a stable force in an uncertain market place for consumers to turn for their solar energy needs, as many other solar panel installers disappear. Solar jobs are increasing each year, but many local solar companies have gone out of business, leaving behind a customer base with shoddy system installations and mounting performance issues.

That’s where TerraSol Energies steps in as the area’s most reliable solar energy company.


Imagine this on a smaller scale. You buy a computer and pay a little extra for a warranty. Then two years later, when you absolutely need your computer, it breaks. You think, “Oh, it’s fine. I have that full coverage warranty.” Then you come to find out that the store where you purchased your computer no longer exists. Sure, you might be left with the option to send your computer far away, but there’s really no guarantee that you’ll get it back in one piece.

Recently we have noticed this same trend with PA solar companies. Home and business owners pay for a solar electric system that comes with a long term guarantee. After only a few years, the installation company disappears into thin air and is no longer accountable for their work, leaving the system owner stuck footing the bill to remedy the situation.

What Kinds of Problems are Left Behind?


In the past few weeks we have received many service calls due to that fact that the company that installed a system is no longer in business. Here’s a little sampling of some of these problems:

1. System not installed to code: One customer called us because of a “ground fault.” It sounds fairly minor, but a ground fault will shut down the solar system inverter stopping it from producing power! It turned out that the ground fault was just a scratch on the surface of the issues with the solar installation. Unfortunately the system was not installed to code from the start, which resulted in several thousand dollars in repairs.

2. System expansion: Many customers fall in love with solar and decide to expand. They turn to the original installation company only to find out that they no longer exist. Avoid this potential pitfall when considering starting small by choosing a company that will be with you through the years.

3. Maintenance and performance monitoring: If your system isn’t running correctly, TerraSol Energies can perform maintenance and monitor system performance. They have had customers contact them to take over the monitoring of their system performance from their previous installer and to complete an initial baseline system evaluation to determine if the system is operating at the predicted performance level

It’s unfortunate for these customers that they had to deal with the hassle of searching for a new solar company, but we like to make it as easy as possible. If you have had problems with a previous installer, it helps to get a second opinion. Plus, the benefit of initially choosing TerraSol Energies is our commitment to quality products and unparalleled professionalism backed by extensive industry experience (including visits to all the top solar panel manufacturer plants across the globe). We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of the products that we install and know each of our customers reaps the benefits. We aren’t going anywhere so give us a call.

We look forward to watching the future of solar shine with you!

Tony Taglione

Tony Taglione, TSE Project Manager, NABCEB certified, Drexel University – Engineer