When Greg W. of Malvern, PA started his research for a PV solar power system for his home, he didn’t anticipate the hurdles he would have to jump to get the project approved.

Luckily for him, TerraSol Energies got right to work with helping him navigate through the web of permits, interconnection, homeowners association (HOA) approvals, and inspections that go along with a residential solar energy project.

The first challenge was Greg’s HOA.

To tackle it, TerraSol provided an informational packet to the board members which outlined key information about the aesthetic and purpose of the PV solar system.

They included pictures of previous installations in the area, references of homeowners who have gone solar with TerraSol, and even a glare study to show surrounding neighbors that the solar system would blend in with the roof shingles and soon become a normal part of the home. TerraSol also gave neighbors the opportunity to ask questions about the system to get comfortable with it being introduced into their neighborhood for the first time.

The HOA board approved the project, so it was time for Challenge #2: township permits.

With HOA approval letter in hand, TerraSol submitted to the township construction department. This particular township was no stranger to solar; in fact, the township code included verbiage with requirements and restrictions for PV solar power systems.

TerraSol’s team combed through these regulations to ensure that Greg’s solar system would meet the township requirements. The final plans were then submitted to the township for review. After a few weeks and several email exchanges to answer questions with the township inspector, the permits were approved.

Finally, only one hurdle remained: interconnection approval with the governing utility. Every PV solar system needs to pass through engineering review with its governing utility (PECO, ACE, Delmarva, etc).

Utility providers are up to speed these days, given the increasing interest in PV solar power system for homes and businesses. Many providers have online portals to submit requests for solar systems that are linked to the homeowner’s electric accounts.

This process has greatly improved over the years, and together with a smooth working relationship with TerraSol, Greg’s review could go through without delay. Greg’s interconnect was approved for the full system size, and he was all set to begin construction of the solar system.

Once approvals were signed, the installation took a mere two days, and Greg was ready to energize his system. Now, he enjoys endless days under the sun with his fully functioning PV solar power system.