When Andy C. began designing his eco-friendly home in Kennett Square, PA, he had a lot to consider. 

Most important for his green mission and bottom line were plans to add a PV solar energy system. He also wanted to orient the home with south-facing windows to take advantage of solar gains in the winter and install energy-efficient heating, lighting, water, and AC systems. 

After some further research, Andy decided to add on a greenhouse too. This addition offered eco-friendly benefits while turning his sustainable home into an investment well beyond the traditional mortgage. 

Altogether, his home would significantly reduce utility costs, and in some areas, offer a chance to earn net positive revenue on his home’s energy production. Beyond the economic benefits of an eco-friendly home, Andy and his family would reap the rewards of improved comfort and environmental stewardship for future generations. 

By designing a PV solar system as part of his new home construction, Andy C. was able to work with TerraSol to create the sustainable home of his dreams. By designing the PV solar system prior to the home being built, TerraSol can be conscious of your home’s location and ensure the optimal functionality of the equipment to be installed for the solar system. 

In Andy’s case, wires and conduits could be run internally in the house well before insulation and drywall are installed. This gives the home its clean and sharp look and truly points to the intentionality of a well-thought-out and planned solar system. 

Considering solar when building a new home offers cost savings, too. Some of the installation costs can be mitigated or significantly reduced when tying in the solar system electrically to the main electrical service. 

And lastly, the home rooflines can be oriented to allow for maximum solar exposure and avoidance of obstructions or shade from neighboring trees. This allows for the most efficient solar system and can help reduce the total number of solar panels needed to meet the homeowners’ desired power output. 

At TerraSol, our goal is to help create the sustainable, eco-friendly home of your dreams. We can offer the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to make green living a reality by working with you from the outset of the design process.