At TerraSol Energies, we’re your go-to source for residential and commercial solar power in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We offer a variety of systems at affordable and competitive prices, all backed by our expertise and commitment to helping you convert to greener forms of energy.

A big part of our mission also involves educating and informing people to help leave a lasting impact. In particular, many people simply aren’t aware of what causes the sort of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions we’re trying to reduce. Let’s look at some of these most common causes of carbon emissions.


The transportation industry is the largest individual source of carbon emissions among man-made options. Cars, trucks, planes and boats are all over the world, and nearly all of them function using fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide.

Hybrid vehicles in the marketplace have begun to help reverse this trend somewhat, but it’s slow and laborious train. Hybrids are still very expensive and less available to many subsets of the population, plus even many of their own standards could still be tighter on emissions.


There are still thousands of plants around the world producing things from chemicals to steel, and regulations in place for the carbon emissions allowed in these locations still come nowhere remotely close to limiting carbon emissions as much as is needed.

Wood Stoves and Alternative Heating

You may think you’re helping the environment by looking to wood stoves or things like heating oils, and in many cases you may be right. Just know that these forms of energy still do produce carbon emissions, and in some cases they may even produce more than your traditional heating options if you aren’t using them correctly.


That’s right, many animals contribute a great deal to carbon emissions. One single cow can create up to an estimated 1,000 liters of toxic gas per day, leading some to suggest that cows are more harmful to the environment than an SUV. However, there’s evidence that diet alterations can help lower these emissions in many situations.


Fuel-burning plants are still needed to create electricity for many local utilities, and as we mentioned in the “Manufacturing” section, these sorts of plants can be some of the most damaging out there from a carbon emissions standpoint. Burning fuel is still one of the biggest culprits in creating heavy carbon emissions.

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