Auto dealerships are

uniquely situated to maximize the benefits of solar power.

More than 36,000 new and used automotive dealerships operate in the United States.

Increasing sales volume and efficiency is hardly the only way to make your dealership profitable. Solar power can help to reduce or eliminate your third largest business expenditure, while also increasing your marketability compared to your peers.

Reduce Operational Costs

Minimizing operational costs is one of the pillars of all successful businesses. How much can solar power affect your bottom line?

Learn how TerraSol Energies can
save your auto dealership money.

Boost Your Brand

Cost savings are hardly the only benefit of solar power for your dealership./p>

Improve Public Perception

Make your business more attractive to eco-conscious customers.

Weather Protection

Solar carports provide cover for display lots and power for EV charging stations.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Your product requires fossil fuels to operate. Your dealership does not.

Learn how TerraSol Energies can improve your auto dealership’s brand.

Ideally Suited

Solar power isn’t for everyone as architecture plays a role in feasibility. But auto dealers are ideally situated to take full advantage of solar energy.

Large Flat Roofs

Typical dealerships feature offices and showrooms with large, flat roofs – perfect for maximizing solar efficiency.

Display Lots

Carports provide the added benefit of weather protection for vehicles, creating even more real estate for solar panel placement.

Learn how TerraSol Energies can maximize the architecture of your dealership.

Reaping Solar Rewards

Your competition may already be benefiting from the power of solar energy.

Toyota Motor North America

Plano, TX

Covert Auto

Hutto, TX

Luther Auto

MN & WI – 10 Dealerships Over 5 Years

Boulder Nissan

Boulder, CO
Learn how TerraSol Energies can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Products.

SunPower Helix Rooftop®

The world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar platform. Get the most out of your rooftop with solar panels that produce 60% more power over the first 25 years.



SunPower Helix Carport®

Add versatility to your investment with a solar canopy. Showcase your commitment to sustainability, provide relief from the weather, and trust in the #1 solar panel in independent durability tests.



Solar Field

You have the land, we have the power. Write your own destiny with the freedom to gain the most out of your solar system. Solar fields present optimal conditions and characteristics for your system to perform at the highest efficiency possible.

Your Solution.

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