In 2014, TerraSol installed a 10.5kW solar energy system for Scott S in Aston, PA. The system was comprised of 48 PV panels at 235W each, equipped with M215 Enphase microinverters. Scott’s project spanned multiple roofs, and microinverters allowed us to maximize power production.

Fast forward to 2022. A forward-thinking Scott wanted to add energy storage to his existing system. He contacted TerraSol again to assist him in meeting his goal.

This opportunity, while exciting, presented a challenge: how could we best utilize Scott’s current investment, which still has plenty of life left, and adapt it to one of today’s many cutting-edge energy storage options?

Carl Santoleri, a battery system designer at TerraSol, came up with a clever solution. He found that we could reprogram the Enphase inverters and install the Enphase Encharge battery system, allowing for seamless energy storage implementation for Scott.

TerraSol installed 2 Encharge 10 Batteries and the Enphase Grid interface panel. Now, Scott has 20kWh of power to back up his critical loads.

The system works seamlessly, sensing utility power outages and automatically switching to battery mode when they occur. Once the power comes back on, the system returns to normal, and the homeowner never sees a blip.

The ability to utilize the existing microinverters, eliminating the need to replace any existing equipment, made the project very affordable and fast, and Scott no longer has to worry about power outages.

If you are interested in energy storage coupled with your existing PV system, please reach out to the TerraSol team today.