Todd and Susan H. from Lincoln University, PA wanted to update their farmhouse property with a new PV solar system.  

The home, however, centered within their 10-acre property amongst the Pennsylvania countryside, proved to be less than ideal for making the best use of solar power. Chiefly, several large trees cast a fair amount of shade on his home throughout the year. While the towering trees kept the house much cooler in the summertime, they would severely decrease the amount of electricity that could be produced via solar.  

Todd approached TerraSol Energies, Inc., hoping to find a workable solution – and TerraSol had one. Instead of putting the solar panels on his roof, the panels could be neatly installed somewhere amongst his vast property. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind, and working diligently behind the scenes to eliminate his electric bills.  

With the approval from Todd and Susan, TerraSol designed and installed a ground-mounted PV solar system that would support their homes electrical needs. The location they chose for the solar system was situated just beyond a grouping of trees in the adjacent open field of the property. It would be out of sight from the house itself but would be well-positioned to maximize performance for year-round production.  

A ground-mounted system offered benefits beyond aesthetics, as well; it allowed Tom and Susan to offset their home’s complete energy usage using 10% fewer panels than a roof system would have. The panels were installed in a completely unimpeded location, and TerraSol was also able to orient the direction of the panels to optimal direction and tilt.  

This allows the panels to capture the most possible sunlight year-round, even in the winter when the sun trajectory across the sky is low. In addition, the ground-mounted solar system caused minimal disturbance of the ground beneath it. Pole mounts safely anchor the panels to the ground without bulky and unsightly concrete-poured foundations. 

As the homeowners enjoy the fruits of their solar system over time, a ground-mounted system will prove advantageous in one more significant way: it is very easy to access for maintenance. In the unlikely event that the solar system needs servicing, the panels are easily accessible from the ground and can be quickly tested and replaced. Finally, at the end of their life cycle, solar panels installed on the ground mount can easily be recycled and replaced without ever having to disturb the house. 

With TerraSol’s help in solving the locational issues, Todd and Susan now enjoy a home that is 100% solar-energy-powered, without having to disturb any of their property’s natural beauty.