For many years, the solar industry has been filled with myths and rumors that have caused many home and business owners to delay making the switch to get off the grid. Advances in technology have only helped to further these rumors from the truth, but how can you separate the myths from the facts? Here, we’ve busted five of the most common myths about solar panels:

1) Solar panels are too expensive

False. Like any technology, when solar panels first hit the commercial market they were cost prohibitive for most home and business owners. Not yet looking to invest in new energy sources, the government was not issuing tax credits for installations, and rebates were few and far between. However, in the last two decades, the cost to install a solar system has decreased by more than 50%, and continues to drop, while energy rebates, incentives, and tax credits are widely available. As traditional energy costs continue to increase, solar is becoming an increasingly more affordable alternative.

2) Solar panels don’t work on cloudy days

False. Sure, when most people think of solar panels they think of the large solar farms of the southwest in Arizona, Nevada, and California, and why not? They have plenty of sunlight to share. However, solar panels only require UV light which are perfectly able to penetrate even heavy cloud cover; in fact, solar panels actually conduct electricity better in cold conditions, making them an excellent choice for us in the Mid-Atlantic region.

3) Solar power systems are difficult to maintain

False. Solar panels, in most cases, are even easier to maintain than your roof! Where roofing materials typically need to be replaced every 15-20 years, solar panel warranties can reach 25 years or more. Basic maintenance, such as cleaning and inspecting your panels for damage from hail or fallen tree branches, will ensure that your panels remain efficient for many years.

4) Solar panels can cause damage to your roof

False. The majority of solar panels available on the market today do not attach directly to your roof; instead they are installed with a barrier that will actually protect the area on your roof where the panels will be placed.

5) Solar power systems are an eyesore on your home

While this final thought depends on your individual preference, modern solar panels are designed to minimize footprint while maximizing efficiency and most of them look quite sleek. As solar panels have become more popular, we notice them less when we see them more often.

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