Standby Generator

standby generator

No matter the season, the East Coast sees some extreme weather patterns. In recent history, storms like Superstorm Sandy have caused a number of problems for local residents, which includes knocking out power for days, and even weeks on end.

Many homeowners choose to avoid the problems that accompany a power outage by installing a standby generator. These systems automatically start running if a power outage occurs. A backup generator is an affordable and simple system that will saved you time, hassle and money.

Choosing a Home Standby Generator System

TerraSol installs Kohler generators, which come with a top industry warranty (5 years/2000 hours). When you have TerraSol install your generator, we get the job done right. The unit is installed outside your house, much like an AC unit. Don’t worry about turning the emergency generator on yourself, as it will automatically generate power within seconds of a power outage.

Don’t Lose Power

With a standby generator, you won’t need to worry about systems in your home shutting down, including:

  • Generator-without-backgroundRefrigerator & Freezer: Don’t let your food and money go to waste.
  • HVAC: Whether it’s brutally hot or ice cold outside, it won’t matter. You’ll be safe and comfortable inside your home.
  • Water: You know just how important water is for survival, but it’s also important for some everyday uses, including flushing the toilet, showering, and doing laundry.
  • Lights: With lights running, you don’t run the risk of falling down your stairs.
  • Electronics: While electronics aren’t always necessary, it’s nice to know you have the convenience of using them, without dealing with a surge.
  • Septic & Water Pumps: Backed up sewer lines and no drinking water are two problems that you don’t want to deal with.

For a limited time, there is a $150 rebate on Kohler generators. Call us at 888.873.9995 to schedule a standby generator installation or contact us from the website.