Solar Panel Installation Hershey, PA

solar panel installation hershey

Solar panel installation is a simple and eco-friendly way to save Hershey home and business owners money on monthly electric bills. Our photovoltaic (PV) systems are virtually maintenance free and generate solar power that is completely clean and renewable. Solar panels allow you to do something positive for the environment while making your daily life more affordable.

“Mission accomplished! My utility bill went from $98.92 to $9.72 per month.”

– Bill S., Hershey, PA

Solar Power in Hershey, PA

solar panelsHershey residents that choose to go solar will begin see the benefits right away. Although solar power may seem intimidating and confusing, it can be broken down as simply as follows:

  1. The sun’s energy is converted into DC energy.
  2. DC is converted into AC, which is used to power your home.
  3. Your home uses the power it needs, and stores extra generated energy as credits on the utility grid.
  4. You’re able to use those credits at night and on cloudy days.

Learn more about how solar panels work.

Hershey Home Solar System

Contrary to popular belief, the roof isn’t the only place eligible for solar panel installation. The paneling system can also be placed in a yard in an area that receives direct sunlight. These panels are made up of solar cells that absorb the sun’s radiation and generate energy for your Hershey home.

Most systems in the U.S. are grid-tied PV systems, meaning you generate your own energy while also staying connected to the utility grid. When you receive your monthly electric bill, you will only be charged for the amount of energy you used that is greater than your system produced. With the combination of saved energy costs and solar tax credits, this installation will pay for itself in no time at all.

The federal government offers tax credits to offset some of the costs of PA solar installation. 

Why Choose Our Solar Company?

solar powerAs a family-run business, TerraSol Energies recognizes the importance of honesty and reliability. Since 2009, TerraSol Energies has serviced customers in Hershey and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

  • We perform your home installation as carefully as if it were our own.
  • Our solar installations are free of common mishaps from other installers.
  • Our work is performed by a team of expert solar engineers.
  • We use only the highest quality components produced by industry-leading manufacturers.

We also service Unionville and Lansdale.

Solar Panel Installers

With one of the area’s most knowledgeable teams of solar specialists, TerraSol Energies can confidently guarantee its systems to last. The team has over 40 years of collective global project management experience, and each trained and specialized engineer will work with you on your project from beginning to end.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) recognizes and certifies top solar electric system installers. NABCEP awarded a TerraSol Energies Engineer and Project Manager with this certification, making him part of a distinct group in the renewable energy industry.

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