Solar Panel Installation Paoli, PA

solar panel installation paoli

In PA, choosing solar power means reducing energy costs and waste while still having your energy needs met. Any Paoli home can benefit from installing a home solar system. In addition to the roof, the solar panels can be installed anywhere on your property. Most  solar systems are grid-tied, so any unused power your system produces is stored as credit. This way, your home still receives electricity at night or on a cloudy day.


“Thank you for the wonderful job you did at my home. The panels look great and I appreciate you painting the conduit to match the siding and shutters. The gentlemen who came to install the system were always very respectful and courteous. Most importantly, the system is producing electricity, and my electric bill has gone down more than expected! Also, the binder you provided with all my documentation and explanation of how the system works is very professional and well done. Including pictures of each piece of equipment along with the explanation of what it does really helped me to easily understand the system. Thanks for your hard work and helping me reduce my utility cost while becoming more environmentally friendly! Couldn’t have had a better company to work with.”

~Uta, Devon

Paoli Home Solar System

solar panel installationPhotovoltaics is a method of generating power by converting solar radiation into energy. Essentially PV systems absorb photons of light directly from the sun and release electrons. These free electrons can then be captured and turned into direct current energy. This may seem confusing at first, which is why our engineers ensure clients completely understand how this investment works.

  1. Solar panels convert sunlight to solar DC power.
  2. DC power passes through inverter and converts to AC.
  3. The home uses the power it requires.
  4. Leftover electricity is credited on the grid.

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Solar Power in Paoli, PA

Most PV systems in the US are grid-tied, meaning that the system is connected to the utility grid. When the sun is not out, a home still receives electricity. When a system produces more energy than is used, the energy is stored as credit. The monthly electric bill will only consist of energy used that is more than the PV system produced.

PV installation is becoming a more affordable option for Pennsylvania home and business owners, and TerraSol Energies serves Paoli and surrounding areas.  With many states, including Pennsylvania, deregulating energy, electricity costs are unpredictable and on the rise. A solar electric system lets you lock into a reduced fixed rate for the next 25 years, and it offsets up to 100% of your electric demand.

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Why Choose Our Paoli Solar Company?

solar panels Since 2009, this family-run business has served Paoli customers, installing high-quality systems made up of American-made components. The systems are backed by a 25 year power production guarantee, and consultants at TerraSol Energies work with customers to choose the best spot for installation. In addition:

  • We perform your home installation as carefully as if it were our own.
  • We use only the highest quality components produced by industry-leading manufacturers.
  • Our professional Paoli installations are free of common mishaps from other installers.
  • Our work is performed by a team of expert, NABCEP certified solar engineers.

We perform solar panel installations throughout Chester County.

Solar Panel Installers

TerraSol Energies has one of the area’s most knowledgeable teams of PA solar panel installer specialists, with a collective 40 years of global project management experience. Each specialized engineer works on your projects from start to finish.

One of our engineers recently received one of the most respected certifications in the industry. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) awarded its PV installer certification, making him part of a distinct group in the industry.

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