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Solar Panel Installation Kennett Square PA

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Solar electric systems (aka “photovoltaic” or “PV”), are becoming a more affordable option for Kennett Square home and business owners.  While many customers choose to install roof panels, others prefer to choose a less noticeable place, like in an open backyard area. Most of these systems are grid-tied, so you’ll still receive energy on cloudy days.

We love getting our peco bill now.  This is a good investment.  I do not know why more people aren’t doing this.

-George, West Chester

Kennett Square Home Solar System

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So, how does it all work? Solar panels, on your roof or on your grounds, are made up of semiconductor materials that convert sunlight into electricity. While solar panel installation may sound complicated, it can actually be broken down quite simply:

  1. Sunlight hits the solar panels and is coverted to solar DC power.
  2. DC power passes through inverter and becomes AC.
  3. Your house uses as much electricity as it needs.
  4. Extra power is credited on the grid.

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Solar Power in Kennett Square PA

Most PV systems are grid-tied, meaning that homes are still connected to a utility grid. At nighttime and on cloudy days, your home will still receive electricity. When your PV system produces more energy than you consume, the excess is credited back to the grid.

PV systems not only produce a clean and renewable form of energy, but installation is also becoming a more affordable option. In fact, with the addition of federal tax credits, solar power installation can pay for itself in less than 10 years. Installing a system will dramatically reduce your electric bills and your carbon footprint.

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Why Choose Our Solar Company?

All solar electric systems are made of high-quality American-made components, with the system itself backed by a 25-year power production guarantee. Since 2009, TerraSol energies has provided energy saving services to customers in the tri-state area (PA, DE, NJ).

  • We always respect your home — we’d never leave a mess.
  • Our team consists of knowledgeable solar engineers and we’ve received NABCEP certification.
  • Our installers don’t make the common mistakes that others do.

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Solar Panel Installers

solar panel installationTerraSol Energies has one of the area’s most knowledgeable teams, each with a background in engineering. With 40 years of collective global project management experience, each specialized engineer will work efficiently towards completing your projects from start to finish.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) awarded a member of our team with its PV installer certification, making us part of a distinct group in the industry. NABCEP recognizes and certifies top solar electric system installers and is widely recognized to be the most important and meaningful certification of its kind in the renewable energy industry.

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