Solar Panel Installation Devon PA

solar panel installation devon

When power plants supply your home’s electricity, harmful carbon dioxide is released into the air. Solar panel installation makes it possible to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money on your utility bills. Additionally, our photovoltaic (PV) systems are virtually maintenance free.

I was thrilled when I received my first electric bill and saw that it had been reduced by over 50% compared with the previous year. I’m glad to be more energy independent and less reliant on PECO and their ever-increasing electrical rates. The installation was well designed and constructed. The TerraSol consultants were very knowledgeable about the products available on the market, which provided me the peace of mind that I was getting a high-quality product that would last. I’ve already recommended the company to my friends and family.”

-Chuck, West Chester

Devon Home Solar System

solar power devonWhen you choose solar panel system installation for your Devon home, you’ll begin seeing benefits right away. While solar panel installation may sound complicated, it can actually be broken down quite simply.

  1. Solar panels convert sunlight to solar DC power.
  2. DC power passes through inverter and becomes AC.
  3. Your house uses as much electricity as it needs.
  4. Extra power is credited on the grid.

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Solar Power in Devon, PA

Most home solar systems in the U.S. are grid-tied PV systems, meaning you generate your own energy while also staying connected to the utility grid. Any power that you generate but don’t use is actually credited to your account. When it’s dark or cloudy, you’ll still receive power from the grid. You would only be charged for any energy you consume that is more than your PV system produced.

While choosing a solar may seem like an expensive option, the installation can pay for itself in less than 10 years. Not only does it save Devon home and business owners money on electric bills, but tax credits make it a more affordable option. Plus, while your electric bill decreases, you’ll feel great about the fact that you are using clean and renewable energy.

Our home solar systems are perfect for any home in Chester County.

Why Choose Our Devon Solar Company?

solar systems devonSince 2009, TerraSol Energies has serviced customers in Devon and the tri-state area (PA, NJ, DE). Choosing TerraSol means choosing a 25 year power production guarantee. Our work supplies the following benefits:

  • We treat every customer like family during installations, meaning we’re always careful in your home.
  • We use only the best quality components produced by industry-leading manufacturers.
  • Our professional installations are free of mistakes common with other installers.
  • Our work is performed by a team of knowledgeable solar engineers.

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Solar Installers

The team at TerraSol Energies is one of the most knowledgeable in Chester County and beyond. With over 40 years of collective global project management, these solar specialists are the perfect individuals to work with you on projects from start to finish.

Now, more than ever, solar power in Pennsylvania is affordable for everyone.