Residential Solar Power

PA Home Solar PanelsGrid-tied PV (photovoltaic) is the most common type of solar system used in the U.S., and with good reason. It reduces your monthly electric bills and your carbon footprint while adding value to your home. If you are a homeowner across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey (South), let TerraSol Energies’ residential solar power specialists work for you. We’ll make it easier for you to add solar panels to your home.

With solar panels on your home, you produce your own electricity while staying connected to the utility grid using an arrangement called “net metering.” Solar panels made of PV cells are placed on the roof or the grounds of your home. These panels convert sunlight into electricity. While the sun is shining, the solar panels on your home typically produce more electricity than you consume, and the excess automatically flows back to the utility as credits. On cloudy days and at night, you draw on the utility grid for power.

This system works great for most homes because solar panels produce the most power during the middle of the day when most people are not home and are using very little power. The electric company only bills you for the amount you consume that is greater than the amount you produce. For example, if you sent 120 kWh to the electric company over the course of a month and consumed 200 kWh from the utility during that same month you would be billed the difference – or 80kWh at the going electrical rate.

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So, what’s the downside of solar panels for your home?

There really isn’t a downside to installing solar panels on your home; however, one common misconception is that if you lose electric power due to a storm or outage, you will still have power from your solar panels. This is not the case. As a safety precaution, your system’s inverters stop producing power when the utility grid is down to protect the workers restoring service. When you lose electric power, you also lose access to your solar power.

You could add a battery backup to your home solar system to allow power during outages, but most homeowners don’t choose this option because backup systems can be costly and only supply limited power. TerraSol Energies can install a natural gas or propane generator to work when the power is out.

Where does TerraSol Energies install solar panels?

Located in Glen Mills PA, TerraSol Energies will do a free site consultation anywhere in Delaware and most of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Service Areas New Jersey Service Areas Delaware Service Areas
Bucks County Delaware County Gloucester County New Castle County
Chester County      Glen Mills      Glassboro       Bear
     Avon Grove      Media Burlington County       Greenville
     Devon      Radnor      Marlton       Hockessin
     Exton      Springfield      Mt.Laurel       Newark
     Kennett Square      Wayne Camden County       New Castle
     Malvern Montgomery County      Voorhees       Wilmington
     Paoli      Bala Cynwyd Kent County
     Unionville      Bryn Mawr Sussex County
     West Chester      Conshohocken
Hershey      King of Prussia