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Great team at TerraSol – very credible and honest on all of the ups and downs of the project. I met with 4 companies and they were easily the best. Installation went flawlessly and Rob was fantastic at our Township Hearing – knowledgeable, precise and respectful, which they appreciated – even commented that it was the best permit hearing presentation they had ever heard!

– Elaine C {July 2016)

Couldn’t wait to wake up and thank you again for our generator!!! We’ve been the only ones since 4:00 pm yesterday with electricity!!!! And power lines are still on the ground so no idea when it will come back. Best investment of the year!!!!!!!! Thanks!

– Ann C {July 2016)

Let me start in 2014. I called TerraSol to my house for a squirrel problem. The crew arrived and lifted several panels to look at the wiring and remove the nest. They found one pinched wire from the original install (not by TerraSol) and several chewed wires. The wiring was repaired/replaced as needed. The system was working fine. About 2 months ago, the main fuse blew and the inverter reported a ground fault error. I called TerraSol back for a second look. It was determined that all 24 panels had to be lifted and all the wiring checked. This time, previously undetected chewed wires were located and an additional pinched wire was located. Also of note was the fact that the wires were hanging from the panels and brushing up against the asphalt roof shingles causing the wire insulation to be worn. The chew damage was much more widespread. I saw the damage firsthand and kept one of the chewed sections of wire. Everything was repaired the same day. I have no worries about the system after having TerraSol work on it. I hate squirrels now.

– Kurt L. (Nov 2015)


All went very well. The crew was very professional, helpful and punctual. The system is doing well

-Claude, Berks County (Jan 2015)


Mission accomplished! My utility bill went from $98.92 to $9.72 per month.

-Bill, Hershey, PA


I was thrilled when I received my first electric bill and saw that it had been reduced by over 50% compared with the previous year. I’m glad to be more energy independent and less reliant on PECO and their ever-increasing electrical rates. The installation was well designed and constructed. The TerraSol consultants were very knowledgeable about the products available on the market, which provided me the peace of mind that I was getting a high-quality product that would last. I’ve already recommended the company to my friends and family.

-Chuck, West Chester



Thank you for the wonderful job you did at my home. The panels look great and I appreciate you painting the conduit to match the siding and shutters. The gentlemen who came to install the system were always very respectful and courteous. Most importantly, the system is producing electricity, and my electric bill has gone down more than expected! Also, the binder you provided with all my documentation and explanation of how the system works is very professional and well done. Including pictures of each piece of equipment along with the explanation of what it does really helped me to easily understand the system. Thanks for your hard work and helping me reduce my utility cost while becoming more environmentally friendly! Couldn’t have had a better company to work with.

-Uta, Devon



We are extremely happy with our new system! I wish we had a larger roof so we could do 100% of our power needs. Terrasol did a great job and even helped with replacing the roof. They installed micro-inverters because half of the system points southwest and the other half points southeast. We can monitor it online and see how we are doing on energy production. Go Green – Save Green!

– Dave S., Glen Mills, PA



Tony was involved from the beginning to the end of the installation. He was patient and very responsive to all questions and concerns. The owner Dave also came out as part of the initial meeting and a follow-up measurement when Tony was unavailable. Terrasol was very conservative on the payback period versus other companies that exaggerated the inflation cost of electricity and projected costs of the SRECs.

The installation was extremely well done. Tony was hands on making sure that everything was done right and very neat. The electrical sub-contractors worked with Tony for an extremely neat electrical install. Tony was extremely responsive and kept things moving as fast as possible (permits, Interconnect agreement, peco hookup).

I cannot say enough good things about Terrasol. Excellent experience overall and qualify and professional workmanship.

– Nick, Lansdale



We decided to install a solar system on our home to reduce the ever rising electric bills.

Terrasol Energies was the most professional company we found in the area. They started with a survey to see if we had adequate sun hitting our roof and providing a detailed project design and payback analysis.

We were worried about a few trees, but it turned out we were far enough away that shade did not hit the roof most of the year. The project manager, Tony Taglione did a great job throughout the entire process. Obtaining all the permits, interconnection agreement with PECO, installing all the panels on our roof and getting the final inspections completed.

The installation team was professional and fast. It only took three days to do all the work on the roof and the wiring in the house. We selected to go with micro-inverters due to some potential shading in the early morning. The monitoring system is really neat. It allows us to see power production by individual module and it sends alerts if there are any irregularities.

Tony also helped us with the paperwork needed to get our Federal Tax credit and sell our SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits). I report production periodically and SREC sends us a check!.

We would highly recommend Tony Taglione and TerraSol Energies to our family and friends.

– Dave S., Glen Mills, PA



Could not be better.  Tony knows what he is doing and is prompt and meticulous.  He answers email and phone calls quickly.  We love getting our peco bill now.  This is a good investment.  I do not know why more people aren’t doing this.

– George, West Chester

They installed a generator for the whole house  to supply emergency power  during power outages and took care of the drywall, the building permit and paperwork.  It went well. The appropriate persons were used to meet the electrical, propane specifications and the drywall repairs. Timely appointments were made and honored.  Procedures were explained  in  lay person’s terminology in a respectful manner.  At the conclusion of the project staff met with us to share what we could expect, answer any questions, provide pertinent paperwork and literature and to bring closure to the project. It was a professional experience and we are  very satisfied with our investment.

– William and Valerie, Chadds Ford

This family operated company is as good as you can get. They did a tremendous job and have fantastic customer service. They also use American made panels that are outstanding compared to the foreign made ones. The house we had solar put on is our beach house and its far from our primary home. Even though its been more than one year since our installation, they continue working with us to make sure everything is working properly, even though some of the issues have nothing to do with their installation. If you want a contractor that truly believes in customer service and what they are doing in clean energy, you must give these guys an opportunity to work with you. They are fair, professional, and totally accessible to their customers — and they really move mountains to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied. We are so pleased to have selected them for our solar system.

– Michael Z.


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