Off Grid Solar Lighting

TerraSol Energies recently provided the City of Chester in Pennsylvania with the TSE – Street Series off-grid solar LED lighting product.  TerraSol Energies provided the City of Chester with a robust system design capable of performing under the harsh winter conditions experienced in the Northeast.

A key feature of TerraSol Energies TSE – Street Series product is the unique non-glass, high efficiency crystal silicon solar modules.  The solar modules are manufactured by our partner SBM Solar located in North Carolina and provide a level of durability unmatched by convention glass crystal silicon modules.  These non-glass modules provide over 14W per square foot which even exceeds some convention glass modules on the market.  The SBM Solar modules have been tested by smashing with a hammer, hitting golf balls at close range and even shooting bullets through them!  Because of their patent pending technology the system holds up to even the most extreme conditions.  Even after having holes drilled through them the design prevents water penetration and corrosion so the system continues to operate!


It is important to understand that a system located in Dallas, Texas would be designed to far different criteria than a system located in the Northeast such as Chester, PA.  The short winter days affect the amount of solar energy the solar modules can collect to power the energy efficient LED fixture. The extended periods of extremely cold temperatures negatively affects the power storage capacity of the system’s batteries.  The system has to be properly designed to account for these variables to ensure smooth operation year round.  For this reason, TerraSol Energies off-grid lighting products are custom designed to each application providing our customers with the highest level of system performance to meet and exceed their needs!  Customers constantly turn to TerraSol Energies “When quality and dependability matter!”

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