Energy Efficient Lighting

TerraSol Energies has expanded its product offering to include energy efficient lighting upgrades and retrofits in order to better meet the needs of our commercial and residential clients.  Businesses and homes that have a large lighting demand are excellent opportunities for a dual project approach offered by TerraSol Energies.  TSE combines a solar electric project with an energy efficient lighting retrofit or complete upgrade to reduce our customer’s electric bills and carbon footprint.  The combined project offers a higher rate of return!

In order to provide our PA business solar customers with the best return on their investment, TSE completes a lighting audit to determine the benefits of an energy efficient lighting project.  Typically the most economical approach for a customer to offset their electric bill is to first reduce their electricity needs with energy efficient lighting and then install a solar system to offset the remaining electric demand.

CASE STUDY: Philadelphia Floor Store – Conshohocken, PA

  • Initial light levels were poor throughout the building with readings of less than 10 foot-candles in most places in the customer showroom.
  • TerraSol Energies completed a detailed lighting audit
  • Owner and TSE set goals for project – energy savings only or energy savings and improved lighting. A balanced approach was chosen of improved lighting with energy savings.
  • Replaced outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures (no longer available in some states) with new long life, energy efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures that last 36,000 hours or 3 times longer than the old T12 lamps.  Outdoor metal halide fixtures were replaced with new LED fixtures with a 50,000 hour life and 5 year all inclusive manufacturer’s warranty!
  • TSE was able to retrofit existing lighting fixtures instead of replacing which resulted in cost savings for Philadelphia Floor Store.
  • New T8 Fixtures provided 4-5 times the light levels without adding additional fixtures.  At the same time the overall project provided >35% energy savings.

Old T12 Flourescent Fixtures

New T8 Flourescent Fixtures (>5x Increase in Foot-Candle Readings)

Note: Photos were taken at same Shutter Speed, Aperture (f/stop), and Film Speed (ISO).