Emergency Generator


Power outages can be caused by a number of factors, and about 87% of outages are caused by severe weather. Causes of power outages include:

  • Lightning
  • Wind, Tornadoes & Hurricanes
  • Ice
  • Rain & Flooding
  • Vehicle and Construction Accidents
  • Animals

While a power outage is often a nuisance, it can cause a lot of problems for local homeowners. Many larger storms may result in neighborhoods losing heat, air conditioning, and water for days or even weeks.

More and more Pennsylvania residents are installing emergency generators in order to avoid completely losing power. Any home or business owner looking to ensure they will have power during an outage should contact TerraSol Energies to learn more about our emergency generators.

Kohler Emergency Generators

emergency generatorTerraSol Energies is an authorized Kohler dealer, meaning we specialize in installing standby generators that have the best warranty in the industry. While warranties vary by system, most fall under a 5 year (2000 hour) warranty.

Emergency generators are especially important for homeowners who have an in-home office, operate a home security system, or have someone living in the household with special needs. Since we live in an area with such fickle weather, an emergency generator is a great option for anyone. An emergency generator not only helps to keep your family safe and warm, but having a generator ensures you won’t need to lose money.

Learn more about our generator installation services.

For a LIMITED time, Kohler is offering a $150 rebate on all emergency generator installations.

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