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9 kW Solar Installation: At a Glance



Plug into the Sun and Turn On the Savings!

With solar power on the rise, TerraSol continues to extend their reach in helping homeowners all around the tristate area gain ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! Checkout what your friendly neighborhood heroes, Mike and Mark, just put up on their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!


Let’s take a look at Mike and Mark’s system- At a  Glance:

The unique layout avoids shading from the 60' trees in the back yard.

The unique layout avoids shading from the 60′ trees in the back yard.


Panel spacing avoids shading from large trees in back yard.

Panel spacing avoids shading from large trees in back yard.

Speed Facts:          


Take a closer look at the NEW SunPower InvisiMount™ Racking

Economic Impact:


Environmental Impact:

This system will generate approximately 315,546 kWh over the next 25 years. This is equivalent to:

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Delmarva Power Offers Incentives For Going Solar in Delaware

As if you needed another reason to go solar…

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As part of Delaware’s Green Energy Program, the electric utility company Delmarva is offering incentives to get Delaware residents to invest in solar energy. These incentives consist of grants for residential, non-residential, and nonprofit customers who install solar panels on their property. The rebates are meant to offset the cost of installation and encourage residents to make a lifestyle change that will both benefit the entire community and save users in utility costs over time.

Delaware residents who opt to have a 50 kW photovoltaic (PV) system installed could receive a $15,000 rebate. Non-residential customers have a maximum rebate of $24,000, and non-profits that go solar could receive a $48,000 rebate. Additionally, these systems pay for themselves in decreased energy bills and increased home value.

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Many of Delmarva’s competitors, such as DEMEC, have recently put their own grant programs on hold or ended them altogether, making Delmarva your prime choice for solar energy.

Learn more about applying for a grant with Delmarva Power.

In addition to these grants, you could be entitled to federal tax credits. Taxpayers can claim 30% of qualified expenditures for the system, including equipment and labor costs. Currently, there is no maximum credit for solar-electric systems installed before 2016. You can even apply any excess credits toward taxes the following year.  After combining these tax credits with Delmarva’s rebates, now is the best time to go solar in Delaware.

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TerraSol Energies is a Delaware Green Energy Approved Contractor, and we provide turnkey system installations meaning we design and install the system as well as complete all the paperwork for your rebate application, interconnection with Delmarva, and any necessary permits!   Before your application can be accepted, you must have a certified professional complete a Home Energy Audit.  TerraSol Energies includes the required home energy audit for no added charge as part of any project we complete in Delaware.

New Castle County solar customers can get started on a project today with TerraSol’s free site consultation. Find out if your property is a good candidate for solar panel installation. We don’t hard sell, we educate our customers so you can make an informed decision about a solar project for your home and business.  The #1 reason to choose TerraSol Energies is because we take pride in our work and are committed to providing you, our customer, the highest quality solar project.


Delaware at the Forefront of Solar Policy


Over the past year, solar power has accounted for 48% of the new renewable energy installed in the United States.  However, policies like installation incentives and renewable energy standards vary widely from state to state.  These policies affect the behavior of both corporations and individuals and thus are vital to the widespread implementation of solar and other renewable energy sources.

In a recent evaluation of state-to-state differences in solar policies by, Delaware solar power policies ranked 4th in the nation for their more traditional solar installation subsidies as well as a other non-traditional solutions.

One of these innovative policies is Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).  After its most recent update in 2009, this policy requires that retail electricity suppliers buy 20% of their electricity from renewable sources by 202o (25% by 2025), with 2.25% of that coming from solar energy (3.5% by 2025).  Eligible renewable energies consist of solar electric, wind, ocean tidal, ocean thermal, fuel cells powered by renewable fuels, hydroelectric facilities, sustainable biomass, anaerobic digestion, and landfill gas.  However, solar electric is the only one on the list that was given a specified cut-out requirement.

If other states start to follow Delaware’s lead in terms of energy reform, the US can make a large dent in its dependence on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy.